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For years I have had a 4X Weaver on a 10-22. For the general purpose use I had for that rifle, it was perfect.

I bought a CZ 452 rifle a couple of months ago and I will only be target shooting with it.

I put a Nikon Monarch 4.5-14X50 on it. That scope is great for what I intend to do with the rifle but it is way too much for anything else.

You can't focus it to 25 yards and 50 yards is almost the close limit for it. . .but. . . at 100 yards it works fine.

I used that scope because I already had it and I have a picatinny rail on the rifle so it is easy to move the scope to another rifle if I want.

If I was in the market to buy a scope for the rifle, I would really look at a Leupold VXIII in something around a 2-10 power and put it in some QD Warne rings and call it good.

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