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Why 10 power? With the exception of shooting small groups on paper

Bedlamite--That is the reason right there. Need any more be said?. I have 7 rifles now and none with the exception of the 22-250 i just got last week has anything less than a 24 power scope on them. My 10/22's have a 6-18 x 50 on them. My 22-250 i just got has a Nikon Prostaff 4-9 x 40. Very crisp clean and great scope ( as long as you want to shoot 50 yards or less). The bullseyes on my targets are the size of a pencil in diameter. At 100 yards with that NIkon i can't even see it. For Deer hunting a low power scope is good,for anything else they are useless.

As mentioned by another,just get a good variable power scope.You can power down for shooting small critters and power up for target shooting.

We have one guy at the range that shoots a Anshultz 22. He has a Sightron 10-40 x 56 scope on it and can consistantly hit a 6 inch metal plate at 300 yards with it
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