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Ammo Can Gaskets & Oil

This may not be the best place for this, if not my apologies. Anyway, I store all my ammo in ammo cans. When I first started doing this, I would apply some Breakfree CLP to the rubber (neoprene?) seal gaskets with a q-tip, because I once read somewhere that this could help increase their longevity. Now I'm reading that I may have done more harm than good as petroleum based oils can breakdown rubber. Great...I have probably done this to 15-20 cans, and although I haven't noticed any deterioration, I really haven't been looking that closely. Although, applying the Breakfree to the seals turns the q-tip black. Am I over stressing? I really don't want to have to replace $200 worth of cans, but I will if that's what I need to do to ensure they have good seals.
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