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Thinking of building an 03A3 or A4 from a receiver

It has crossed my mind to do an 03A3 or even A4 project from a receiver up. I am not thinking of doing a strictly WWII correct replica, with all the proper drawing numbers etc and just correct-to-manufacturer parts. I would use USGI parts in almost every instance. I also wouldn't worry too much if they were 'incorrect'-I wouldn't mind a Remington buttplate on a Smith Corona for example; I would get a new barrel definitely, and if I go the A4 route, I am not going to go find an original sight unless one falls in my lap for cheap. Plus I'd like to set it up so that I could use the irons too.

But that's just details; first I need an 03A3 receiver, and first things first.

I'd prefer Smith-Corona if I had a choice. I see some at various places online. Are there any recommendations as to where I should consider buying?
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