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Be carful of the word

First let me say I mean no disrespect to Law Enforcement, you are our knight protectors and IT IS A TOUGH JOB!

This said, it happens a lot, especially at the Federal level. The same folks doing the raid did not gather the INTEL for the raid. All it takes is one # off!!!!

A word about the SWAT reference. SWAT has been degraded to the point that most full time units have come up with a different name. San Jose has MERGE, and so on.

After 9-11 everybody and their uncle out of a sense of patriotic duty wanted to field a serious team of professionals to deal with the threat. However, there is a HUGE difference in training and team experience between a Federal HRT team and joint agency "SWAT" teams. At a location I once saw a computer forensics GEEK wearing the gear and emblazened with SWAT.

I going to take some heat for this, no disrespect to anyone meant, but "it is what it is, knowing how to wear the gear and strutting your stuff does not necessarily make an operator."

enough said, Good Luck & Be safe
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