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I go to a state-owned college, and it's illegal to carry on it's main and satellite campuses. The campuses are not the safest places to be after hours, not just at night. At about 3:30 the campus goes from holding about 12,000 people to around 5,000, and it feels like much less. It's a ghost town whith plenty of nooks and crannies. As we speak, the local/campus police are looking for a guy that has been threatening women with a knife.

I've had trouble on campus afew times with the undesirable element. The college refuses to actually do anything about these people,. The only logical reason I can come up with is that they don't care about their students once they pay tuition. Having the campus be a firearm free zone just makes it a haven for oppourtunistic criminals.

A person should use their wits as the first self-defense weapon, and mine tell me that when I have a late class I should carry and should be able to do so legally.
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