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Quote:, what's the problem.
No problem on my end, what I'm trying to do is to get others, that don't have the same rights as I, to think about it. To get them to think about why I can do such things, and they can't, and what could happen, because they can't.

I could be on the board shoving the fact that I have these "rights" that they don't and gloat and grin and just basically make an ass out of myself.

I could do the same about the automatic knife that I am legal to carry each and every day.

But I don't wish to do so. I want the membership to think about it. To get mad at what they are told to do and if they don't, get into trouble (of which one member has already stated on this thread that it's basically better to follow the law because if you don't and protect your life, that it's not worth it).

And then we have the ones that consider another paranoid because they just don't feel that everything is a game of tag, that you got to "home" or the safe place and no harm will ever happen.

I do wish for other members and gun owners to feel abit of envy that I have this right to do what I can, to carry concealed in areas that their state has deemed off limits, to own and carry the automatic knife, because maybe it will get them off their butts to do something about it.

But, I am fearing that all in all, it's just going to be another "he's paranoid" or "what does one need to have a gun 24/7" or "We're safe in our homes and nothing can happen" replies.

And then it will come up that because I have and carry an automatic knife, that will just justify in some people's minds that I am even that more paranoid.

The fact remains, I can, you can't.

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