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Good bullet mold for 38 super?

Hey fellow casters, gradually replacing cast bullets I used to order with my own molds. Almost done but 38 super is a challenge. Have used the Missouri 135 gr RN for years and it shoots really well behind WAP. However, want to find a replacement that I can cast. Thinking 125 gr up to 150 gr. Don't have a huge preference on mold maker. I have the Lee 358-125-RF, a good bullet but it can be a little big above the crimp groove causing some issues. I run all my bullets through a sizer die and use .357 for the 125-RF.

Have a preference for a .358 mold so I can size down if needed. I'm wondering if anyone out there has a particular mold/bullet they like for 38 super?

Considering the 358-150-1R Lee. I like the round nose and weight. Also considering the Lee 358-140-SWC. Not sure the SWC would feed properly. Entertain all ideas, thanks guys/gals.
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