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Accurate powders recall 11-18-19

Accurate Powders has issued a recall of 4064, 2495, & 4350 Powders with certain lot numbers. Our current inventory does not contain these lot numbers. Please check your powder supply to make sure you did not receive any powder with these lot numbers! Click here for more information
Go to for details.

ANYONE with any of these powders needs to see the table. For those three powders the Lot recalled range is #2 through 16 to 22. That is 36 different Lots.
Same link as in next post.

The lot number is digits 7 and 8 (if present).

I have a bottle of 2495 purchased in 2009 with lot #
9 is the 7th digit and there is no 8th digit. So this bottle is included in the recall. I bought it new from Powder Valley, and broke the seal last night and it smelled perfectly normal.
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