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Originally Posted by Red Devil View Post
Have duplicates, but for a different reason.

Primary SD pistol (GLOCK G36) has a twin - because if it is ever used for its intended purpose? It will be in an evidence locker for quite some time.

Apply this rationale to going on a trip.
If gun used in defense, could end up in evidence; being unarmed for remainder of trip not appealing.
Not exact duplicates, but close enough.
1911's in 45 acp - XDs pocket pistols in 45 acp, took a complete replacement for primary and pocket gun including magazines and holsters.

I'm carrying a 1911 + 2 spare mags + pocket gun in "summer attire" while walking my buddy; we walked 2-3 miles every day (as usual) on the trip.
I'm not inclined to disarm for a concert, game, (entertainment) and I ain't going on a plane or cruise.
"Wouldn't want to / Nobody volunteer to" get shot by _____ is not indicative of quickly incapacitating.
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