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I carry a Kahr CW9 (or CM9) everyday... I have 4 of them. Granted, they are in use... I carry one, I have one in my desk drawer, and I have my CM9 in the nightstand... but I rotate my carry piece every 60 days or so (to clean it, and test fire it for function) with one of the spares.

The other factor is losing a piece... back in the day I had my single Kahr CW9 stolen out of my truck... and then I had to go back to carrying a .38 revolver until I replaced it. At the time, the market was in the throes of the Great Shortage (2010) and I was lucky to find a replacement (the CM9, which wasn't my first choice, but in the end it works well.) If, for some reason, I lose my carry piece, I can instantly replace it with a like pistol.

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