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I've had duplicates a number of times, but I was shooting a LOT of competition. I once had three Buckmarks, two original Coonan .357mag semi's, two Bill Davis custom built .357mag revolvers, and two S&W custom shop auto's (one in .356TSW and one 9x21 (iirc on the second one)). Hate to travel hundreds of miles, or a couple thousand a couple of times, and not have a gun to shoot when the shoot begins. Other than that circumstance, no I haven't. However, if any of my current guns goes down I always have something else in the safe to use. It might be different, but I wouldn't have it if I didn't like it. If almost sixty years of owning handguns, other than competition, I've never had one break down to the point I couldn't fix it myself. Usually something small like an extractor or ejector or something. They just don't fall apart normally.
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