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Hey all,

I received this a few days ago and thought it might be of interest:

Dear Customer,
You are receiving this notice because you recently ordered Ramshot Hunter Rifle Powder (MidwayUSA product numbers 911307 and 920960).

Western Powders is issuing a recall of Ramshot Hunter powder with lot number 489, bottled on 08/05/16. The lot number may appear as a white label with 489 above the numbers 080516 or as a stamp with 080516489. The lot numbers may be found on the back of the bottle. This is a limited recall and only effects lot 489 of Ramshot Hunter.

Use of this powder may result in high pressure loads and subsequent gun damage or serious personal injury. If you are in possession of this propellant, please discontinue its use immediately and contact Western Powders at 406-234-0422. They will replace your powder from another lot of Hunter.

We apologize for the inconvenience,
MidwayUSA Customer Service
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