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Common Silencer Myths Debunked

The process is nothing like getting a CCW permit, except for being lots of paperwork and waiting. Law enforcement sign off unless you have a Trust (see the Trust sticky thread). The dealer will know what to do and help you do it. If they're not helpful, find another dealer.

The "legal reason" for this is an 80 year old political deal. The original National Firearms Act had handguns instead of silencers. They couldn't get the votes so they did what Anti-gunners do to this day, they took what they could get, no logic required. Silencers were new, rare and unappreciated. No one cared, except the Antis, since they'll take any bite they can take, so away went the handgun regs and in cane silencers. They got their votes and we've been saddled with the egregious, ineffective, pointless NFA (and some form of what became ATF) ever since.
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