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Few more questions

Great post.....I wanted to say that first. I just had a few questions though.
I live in Colorado and I know they are legal here.

The question I have is, is the process of getting a suppressor the same if you have a CCW? In looking at the things you have you have to do to get one are the same as getting a CCW. Finger prints, background check and pictures taken. Just seems redundant and a waste of money to have it done twice.

The other question I have is does any one know the legal reason why this process has to be done at all? A weapon of any kind needs ammo of course. With the exception of age there are no restrictions what so ever. you could be convicted felon out on bail and still get ammo. One could even buy everything to make there own ammo with no restrictions. There is no point in owning a weapon without ammo just like there is no point to having ammo without a weapon.

In my head a suppressor is another accessory to owning a weapon. I was in the Marine Corps and in the Army for a total of 18 yrs with a tour in Iraq. So
I am no stranger to may types of weapons and of course own some of my own.

I am not trying to sound ignorant, but just trying to understand the logistics
behind the laws and regulations.

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