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What I meant was, I did not like how it looked. It's one man's opinion, just as was the statement,
that is one nice looking gun.

One guy said he liked it, and one guy said he didn't. No panties in a wad, no rant, and no lack of clarity.

I didn't say I hated it, I didn't say it was ugly, or an abomination, or, as I was once told by a marshal at a rendevous, "Get the H... out of here with that crap!" And I didn't say it was not historically correct (as if that somehow makes it appealing).

I thought I was being rather nice in apologizing for not expressing a positive response about something I personally don't find appealing.

CraigC - were there really cartridge converted Patersons in the 1870's? I learn something new every day.
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