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Ok. So a little background information, will be of help. If after the explanation, you still feel, like this transition is a stupid or a bad idea, I can and will respect your opinion. I’m not wealthy and don’t have money to burn.

I’m handicapped. As in can’t walk from the front door into my garage without my cane. Once I arrive at a place, if it’s to far of a walk, which isn’t far, a wheelchair is the method of transportation. So carrying a 10 lb rifle isn’t a big issue. Simply because, I will never traverse hills, valleys, mountains or miles upon the plains. It’s as simple as being brought to a ground blind and sitting. So yes, the weight was to help mitigate some recoil as was the mercury recoil reducer I had previously mentioned.

Now, do I need a .340 Weatherby? Nope. The 300 Rum is more than enough for everything. In fact, I wouldn’t be gaining much in energy, but would in recoil. I’m relatively young, 35 yrs. When much younger I hunted quite a bit. Now if I can go on one hunt every few years, I’m doing pretty well. With that in mind, I decided a few years ago, to make my hunts unique. As in exotics. Animals, I’ll never get to see in their natural habitat, especially on a different continent. Hell, most animals on this continent, I won’t see. However, none of the big five are on my bucket list.

So, when the wife says, you feel like going on a hunt, I use this term loosely, because they are in high fence areas. I want to take her up on that offer. I’m really interested in African plains game. So, when I say I want to hunt Nilgai, Kudu, both species of wildebeest, I want the gun to be something different. Why the .340? Why not. Is it expensive to shoot? Extremely! But if I shoot the gun 4 or 5 shots a year, a box will last a while. It’s something different I can hand down to my boy, when or if that time comes.

A build is something I’ve never done and thought I’d try something new. I also know all those animals, I mentioned, don’t require a 340 Weatherby to harvest. In fact, I’ve seen some in articles taken with things as small as 7mm-08. But.... I’m not wanting to shoot a 7mm. I’ve taken several deer with my 300 win mag. So am I having a pissing competition with myself, trying to go bigger? Probably so. So if anything I have said, makes you think, I’m stupid for wanting to do this; Seriously let me know. Buying a new MKV would be cheaper, I’m sure.
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