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Thanks, Math Teacher, for mentioning the points I would have brought up.
Originally Posted by Bart B.
Lost sheep, Rifle barrels of identical dimensions and weight are the same in stiffness and the resonance of harmonic vibration. If they were not, then all the mechanical engineering formulas used by professionals calculating fixed beam stiffness would be out of a job. The same dimension numbers used for a given metal's modulus of elasticity gives the same resonant frequency.
Originally Posted by Bart B.
Math teacher, I know that. Which is why they tune the metal bars on a xylophone and tubes on a chime to a given frequency by grinding off tiny amounts of metal.
Right. If all bars of metal of the same dimensions (and what is a barrel but a bar of metal with a hole down the center?) have the same resonant frequency, then they would not have to use a grinder to tune the bars of a xylophone.

A tiny difference in the position of the muzzle at the instant (I use the word "instant" advisedly) the bullet exits can make a huge difference in where the bullet hits the target. We are talking microseconds here.

Thanks for reading and for your comment, but on that one and only point, I disagree.

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