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There may be those among us who have good knowledge of parts interchangeability. I am not among them, But I have had good results when I speak to the folks at the parts vendor about what will work with what. IMNSHO Dixie Gun Works and VTI Gun Parts are among the best.

I think that you will find that many of the internal parts you buy will need finishing to work perfectly even though you take care to buy a close match for the original. I have yet to put a hand or a bolt into a revolver and have it work right the first time. Of course that does not apply to cylinders. But I am thinking that if you need a cylinder, you might soon need a hand as well

I will go out on a limb and say that your revolvers are closest to ASM and I have used Pietta parts in ASM revolvers. I had to replace a cylinder on a Euroarms ASP a while ago and found the Pietta cylinder would not work. That was an 1851 Colt. (but in .44).

The people at both DGW and VTI told me Pietta would not work and they were correct. They also told me I would have a heck of time finding the cylinder and they were right about that too.

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