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Im not debating the science, only what I personally experience. Certain things are loud enough to cause my ears to hurt and deaden my hearing, so far, suppressed firearms are not one of them.

Im sure my IPod's, the constant roar of a heavy construction environment, loud equipment, and heavy tools, etc, are doing or have done, more damage to my ears, than the suppressed firearms I shoot.

I do know that I "have" to wear ear plugs with even the smallest caliber guns, when shooting without a suppressor, yet I have no discomfort and/or deadening of my hearing, even after extended range sessions, with rifle caliber guns that are suppressed.

Like the usual ballistics arguments, I think the problem with throwing paper "numbers" around is, things tend to get silly, and hairs split, over things that really dont mean a lot, except in the perfect world of numbers.

Even though I do shoot a lot, and a small portion of that is suppressed shooting, I dont find its as much of a cause to worry, as what I encounter in my daily activities. I wear ear plugs at work, and almost always when I shoot things without a suppressor. I dont normally wear them when I do use the suppressor, as one of the main reasons for them, is to allow me to do so.
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