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Originally Posted by AK103K
I suppose "constant" exposure to anything over a whisper will eventually cause you to lose hearing.
According to most experts, the threshold is about 85 to 90 dB, which is a lot louder than a whisper.

Originally Posted by AK103K
I run and Im exposed to jackhamers, and a lot of other "loud" things at work on a daily basis, and a hundred rounds of even super sonic ammo through my my 9mm Glocks/Evo-9, are quieter and easier on my ears than just 30 seconds or so, of running or standing next to a jack hammer and/or its compressor. Even .223's through my M4-2000 are quieter.
It's possible that it's easier on your ears, but without objective scientific measurement you really don't have any way to know that for sure. Simply guessing based on which one hurts less isn't a very accurate measurement.

Every source I can find measured a jackhammer at 130 dB or less, and some measure it as low as 100 dB. Obviously this variance has to do with the differences in measuring equipment and differences in the jackhammers themselves, but considering your M4-2000 meters around 135 dB, I think it's safe to say that the jackhammer is probably quieter from a decibel standpoint.

Now, the jackhammer is a deeper and more constant noise than the gunfire, so that's probably why it sounds quieter to you. Also, because the jackhammer is a more constant noise than the gunfire, it might take less time to produce damage even though it's a quieter sound. But either way, both of those are hurting your hearing.

Originally Posted by AK103K
For me, I consider things that dont immediately impact my hearing, to be "hearing safe". Not that they are over time, but if they dont cause me to lose, or reduce my hearing for a couple of days after, Id say they are "safer". A unsurpressed .22, or even an air rifle in some cases, will leave my ears ringing loudly, and my hearing muffled, and for a couple of days. I dont get that with the suppressed guns.
Just because your suppressed guns don't cause your ears to ring and don't cause your hearing to reduce noticably, that doesn't mean they're safe on your ears. When you shoot your suppressed guns -- especially your .223 with the M4-2000 -- you're subjecting your ears to a decibel level that's well over the limit for permanent hearing loss. That loss might not be noticable to you, and it might be minor enough that you're willing to ignore it in order to enjoy the convenience of not wearing hearing protection, but medical science tell us that it is happening.
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