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Originally Posted by HKGuns
They work extremely well, this one is hearing safe without ears.
No, it's not. If you shoot that without hearing protection, you will permanently damage your hearing fairly quickly. It might take a while for that damage to become noticable, but that doesn't mean it isn't happening. Your Octane 45 is about 130 dB at best; that's louder than a jackhammer and loud enough to easily damage your hearing.

No silencer is medically hearing safe. Repeated exposure to noises as low as 85 dB can cause hearing damage. Here's a good link from the American Hearing Research Foundation:

"Habitual exposure to noise above 85 dB will cause a gradual hearing loss in a significant number of individuals, and louder noises will accelerate this damage. [...] The highest permissible noise exposure for the unprotected ear is 115 dB for 15 minutes per day."

In contrast, the quietest .22 silencers on the market rarely get a shot down below 115 dB. Most pistol silencers are between 125 and 130 dB. Most rifle silencers are between 133 and 138 dB.

Silencers definitely make a huge difference, that's why I own three of them and I plan to buy more. But claiming they're "hearing safe" is incorrect and irresponsible. The industry bases their claims of a silencer being "hearing safe" on a misinterpretation of OSHA rules, and that claim is disingenuous at best.
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