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My major concern with grapling arts is you can only fight one person at a time. If the BG has a few buddies with him, you had better pull out your gun. Martial arts that concentrate on strikes have the edge here as a devestating strike will drop your BG and make his buddies seriously reconsider going hand to hand. On the flip side, the BG's buddies seeing your proficiency at martial arts may choose to escalate to firearms and then everyone is in trouble.

The best defense period is RUN, DON'T WALK, at the first hint of trouble. This is if the trouble is avoidable of course and not in your own home or business. I'm not advocating cowardice, but not getting into situations in the first place is usually the most appealing alternative.

On another note, I've heard Krav Magra is pretty vicious. The are the antithesis of "sport" partial arts and have refined all of the wasted motion and energy out of their art.

Another art that is particularly nasty is a form of Kung Fu with a name I can't remember. The response to a straight punch is to block with the arm while simultaneously kicking for the elbow of the attacker's punching arm, while simulatenously conducting an open handed strike to shove the guy's nose up his brain, and then bringing the kicking foot (after breaking the guys elbow) down on the side of the knee to criple the guy for life unless he is already dead from his nose being shoved up his brain. How is that for nasty??? Couldn't they just shoot me in the head instead of making me go through that?
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