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Even then, back when I did judo many many years ago, I could get people to bounce on the mats and then lay there in pain for a bit; People trained how to fall. You hit the throw correctly and there is enough power behind most all of them that they will not appreciate hitting the ground. Hell, do you like how it feels when you trip just walking around? Now put force behind it.

As an example, not to make this a Judo vs BJJ thing, it might of been mentoined before about the Judo vs BJJ match that the one BJJ choke hold came out of (named after the judo guy who beat the BJJ guy with it). The general consensus of the match was that if the mats were not as soft as they were (they were extra soft, non-regulation as i remember) the Gracie would not of stayed concious long enough for him to have been beaten. The falling from the throws would have knocked him out. And if the gracies aren't trained to take a fall (as opposed to a dive) then I'm not sure who would be.

That was a joke, calm down... the dive i mean
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