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I know this is an old thread and probably has been addressed almost as many times as.."what is the most effective caliber" argument. I just wanted to state that there is no "Deadliest" martial art, or "Ultimate" etc. I agree with Blind Tree Frog, in that anyone who starts spouting such garbage is an amateur, even with years of experience behind them. Any true Martial Artist knows that any style can be effective, formidable and dangerous. I have been training Martial Arts for the better part of my whole life, I have trained diligently and daily for 30 years. I have partnered up and been involved with a number of different styles and have always found the subtle nuances about all the styles facinating.
Fact, I love Judo, I did not study the sport Judo, when I trained, we did not have weight classes or age brackets...heck, it was matching up people according to the color of belt and letting em go at it. I love Tae Kwon Do, I did not study the sport Tae Kwon Do, my Teacher spent years instructing the Korean Military and used his knowledge in battle, we did not spend the all too familiar majority of time on Kicks vs. Hands, there were alot of grabbing, chopping, smashing, locks and dis-locations. Fact of the matter is, Tae Kwon Do is a very formidable style. It is this new sport stuff that has everyone thinking it is not effective. I also spent a few years adding some Hung Gar Kung Fu, Choi Li Fut, Aikido, Kendo, Muy Thai (I really like the leg kicks of this style), Hapkido (much like the TKD), Kyokushinkai Karate and most recently have played around with Mixed Martial Arts, I like this stuff because it incorporates sooo many posiblities, with the exception of getting it on with multiple attackers. As for the Video of Royce and the Kick boxer, nice!! I love to see different styles get it on. I had myself once "sparred" with a BJJ artist that claimed his 15 years of training had made him pretty much invincible (at that point I knew he was an amateur)...I let him close on me and as he went for my hips, i rolled with his grapple and hit him in his temple with Thumb Knuckle attack (Oya yubi), he was out! BJJ is a formidable style, just not this particular loudmouth. Yes, I have been blasted into the next dimension myself a time or two. There is NO ultimate style...PERIOD!!!

The moral of this rant...pick a style, any style...train with diligence and determination.

By the way...uh, yeah, Judo is a good style.
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