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Didn't mean to irk you BLINDTREEFROG. I see what your saying about modern JiuJitsu. I'm not an expert on grappling arts but I thought some traditional styles of JiuJitsu still existed. Their was a Mr. Ping up North who taught what he said was a traditional style of JiuJitsu that included kicks and handstrikes.He was pretty impressive. Anyways as I said the Judo I learned from my instuctor served me well in many situations.
Sorry, I've been bitter in general as of late.

But to elaborate, my understanding of the history was Juijitsu was there, but the training was rather brutal. Judo was developed to be a bit more friendly training wise. Judo was selected for official pruposes and juijitsu pretty much died out. Probably a few schools of it still around, but what people refer to as JJ today (specifically BJJ) is derived from one of the judo schools.

Course, if you go to a TKD school they'll say it came from Korea and that they dominate the sport so what can you do. Everyone is an ******* (but mainly me).

And I've been to a Judo school that tought punches and kicks. Originally Judo had punches and kicks (infact, as I remember it, the original "black belt" qualificaiton was to go pick a fight in the red light district and drop your opponent with one strike). Just depends where you go and if it's a sport orient school or combat.
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