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The G29 in 10mm was my solution. I had the slightly larger G20 and liked it, but the smaller G29 gives up nothing in accuracy for me and if having a compact gun is important it comes with 10 round mags. I can use the 15 round G20 mags in it as well. As a camping pistol I like the ability to use a mounted light at night. I've camped in Yellowstone a few times, the 10mm went with me, the Smith 629 in 44 mag stayed home

The key is the better bullets. The heavy for caliber hardcast bullets in 10mm, 40 S&W, 357 mag, and even 9mm have proven effective. In tests the 147 gr 9mm bullet gave the deepest penetration 5'+. They only had 5' of gel and didn't recover the bullets. That is the load Phil Shoemaker used to take down an attacking Alaskan Brown bear a few years ago.

But I still can't wrap my mind around 9mm for that role. The 200 gr 10mm and 255 gr 45 ACP didn't match 9mm for penetration, but I feel better with either of those.

When I made the move to 10mm these bullets weren't available. Today I'm not so sure I wouldn't just as soon have a 45 ACP with those loads.
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