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there are varified accounts of bears killing hunters on kodeack iland while gutting deer they shot.
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There are accounts of Grizzly bears taking a kill away from a hunter, none I know of where the hunter was attacked or killed. Smart hunters walk away.

All accounts I know of that came on sudden, the shooter missed or dropped his gun.

I have to believe that the Grizzly bear considers itself the top of the food chain, and it only takes a step back to a larger bear. If it weren't for modern firearms or an organized hunting parties with lances and such, humans would be helpless before them.
A Grizzly bear does not consider anything, its a walking mound of instinct and reflexes that react to any given situation. When small they run, when full size they fight with other bears and are predatory.

Louis and Clark has a number of encounters with Grizzly bears and they survived, the Native Americans thrived in that environment before there were guns.

The reason guides are successful. with clients is they hunt the bear and shoot it from a distance.

You stand no chance of aiming let alone a good shot against one that charges you out of the bush. None, nada, zip. Hunters have zero experience with a charge let alone controlling a gun correctly during one (African hunters tend do have some and the PI always)

Equally your best chance is to play dead (see caveat) or bear spray.

Its amazing how expert people are who never have been to Alaska let alone lived in or hunted and camped in the boonies.

All Grizzly bears are equally dangerous be they interior or exterior. There are NO FISH 8 months of the year (maybe 9 even).

The only thing that will stop a Grizzly in its tracks is a 20 mm cannot. A 50 cal would do it if you are behind armor.

A 300 WBY has zero improvement over an 06 at 050 yards. The bullet might make a difference if it penetrates and or breaks down a limb bone.

Surveying we carried shotguns (if anything, surveyed 99% time without one). The idea was 4 load of 00 Buck to shred its head (remove sensory apparatus ) one slug to kill it one it was pinned in position (even if that was not fast)

Been there, done that, got a T shirt every day, year in year out so I have boxes of them for 66 years. Never had a Grizzly encounter. Seen them, yep. They went their way and I went mine.
Science and Facts are True whether you believe it or not
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