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as to the thing on your glasses...its a common practice to put a spot of tape or goo on the glass lens in line with the pupil when mounted, to eliminate the double vision of the bbl.
pros = it works.
cons = it takes away some perf' vision.
I know. I've known it for decades. People have been telling me about it for decades. I've tried it. (putting crap on my glasses.)
Walking big fields in Nebraska or the plum bottoms,it sucks to have one eye vision obscured,and it does cause me something akin to motion sickness.

Thank you,Wildcat,for speaking up.

What I don't get is not one person so far seems to have comprehended using the thumb as I described makes goobering the glasses obsolete. Its unnecessary,and IMO, a rude thing to do to a beginner. I had it done to me.It sucked.

The thumb works.
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