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Unigue SxS

Laugh at me if you want to. I am old and maybe old fashioned, but if it doesn't have external hammers you can't walk behind me if it's loaded. And in the land where everything bites, if it's not loaded you won't live long. I've never seen an O/U with external hammers, but many years ago all SxS had hammers. Here's a novel one I made myself with three hammers in a row. It's a Stevens SxS hammerless 12 ga. I removed the lever from the top of the pistol grip that opened the barrels and put a barrel lock on on R.S. that swings out. I then removed the top rib and put a .22 LR barrel in it's place. The .22 and the two 12's with Brenneke slugs were all regulated for the same point of impact at 75 yards. The tang safety was modified so that when pushed forward the front trigger activated the center hammer to fire the .22. When pulled back the R.S. hammer fired the R.S. 12 ga. barrel. The rear trigger always fired the L.S. 12 ga. barrel. I put rifle sights on it and a Monte Carlo type stock. It kept me fed and saved my life many times.

I didn't have much of a camera in those days, plus the humidity ruined a lot of things.

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