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Man, did someones cage get rattled. Having something on my shooting glasses doesn't make me ill. I'm a little more manly than that. Number two, I haven't had some crap on my glasses for twenty years, just a piece of tape. Third, I have a idea where you can stick your thumb, but I won't say it here. Fourth, When I coach anyone, I'll damn well do as I please - it's none of your business. Fifth, and most important, I never made a post crapping all over what you do or thought like you did to me. In the future, please show others the respect you fell you'd deserve, Thank you, have a good day.
Posts 13,14,15 were quite friendly and respectful.

But then it seemed the idea of putting crap on glasses was being aggressively pushed.

You do whatever makes you happy. I really don't care. You seem to not tolerate someone doing things differently.

I use it,it works,my glasses are uncluttered. Just thought I'd share. Do whatever makes you happy. I'm not a control freak.

IMO,its you you are getting you cage rattled. I never addressed you.

Oh,Bladesmith,one more thing . Quoting you:

I'm a little more manly than that.

End quote
Really? I'm thinking anyone who talks like that is projecting his own weakness /insecurities

And FWIW some of the toughest people I know ,as far as enduring and pushing on,are Women.How about a single Mom with two jobs and taking classes?

Your comment is disrespectful misogyny.

I can,and will respect that your experience may be whatever it is. Even if you are insecure about your manhood.

I have every right to express my experience without your personal attack.

I have no problem with you putting tape on your glasses. I could not care less. Carry on.

Something unfortunate that happens here is that when an idea is offered that does not pat another person on the back,because its different,its like launching a clay bird.Out of has to be shot down.

Bladesmith,since you already know everything,and can't possibly learn anything new,please explain your reasoning why occluding the eye with tape works but occluding the eye with the thumb is unworthy of consideration?

But please,keep using the tape. I'm happy. Just curious.

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