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I don’t think we are too far apart, on most of this except the ammonia.

The first shot out of the barrel of is the most important. A shot out of a clean bore will have a poi different than a fouled bore.
I spent several years hunting nuisance animals for ranchers in my area. Every gun is zeroed for a fouled cold bore.
Some guns it may be the same poi, but many it’s not.
Any maintenance on the gun, I verify the zero.
If I hunt and don’t fire at an animal, I will fire that bullet at a target to verify the zero.

I’m more obsessive with my first shot zero than I am about anything else, because The intended purpose of the gun is to fire at a living creature with other living animals nearby.

Consistent bore condition means consistent accuracy. A bore is only clean for a few shots then things change.

I’m not saying leave a bunch of crud in it either, run a patch or two through and call it good.

Some people will scrub down to the bare metal each time... or attempt to polish the bore or lap it.
I doubt judicious use of a bore brush will harm anything, and I don’t have anything against someone doing that, I just find it unnecessary.

So, I’ll concede that carefully scrubbing the bore is harmless if done properly.
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