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I use de-clorinated brake cleaner to start on some of my guns but I primarily use normal gun cleaning solutions. My favorite is MPro-7. It was developed by the military to clean the Volcan Cannon on jet fighters.

There is no nasty odor and it's non toxic. I run a wet patch then a wet nylon brush and finally dry patches until they come out clean.

I ran tests for MPro-7 many years ago. We would ask if customers would like us to clean their guns after they had already used whatever solution they were use to. It never failed that after using MPro there would be dirty patches coming out. A little scrubbing followed by clean patches worked and I sold a lot of their product.

Although I'm no longer a sponsored shooter I still believe in their products. It pays to shoot a clean gun. I try not to be surprised with failures that could have been eliminated.
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