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Originally Posted by rickyrick View Post
I rarely remove copper, but many gun products contain ammonia in order to dissolve copper.
True, however a product CONTAINING ammonia, and straight ammonia are 2 very different things. I avoid the products that even contain ammonia, if for no other reason than the smell.

It only needs to be removed at the point of noticeable accuracy degradation.
I somewhat agree. It does not NEED to be removed until it starts to effect accuracy. However I prefer to manage it. The Eliminator I use has a mild copper remover. It does not get all the copper out, but it does seems to significantly slow the buildup.

What would damage a barrel would to be incessantly scrubbing copper out that is doing no harm.
Depends on how you define "incessantly scrubbing" and the tools used. In my case it is 4 patches with eliminator. followed by 15 passes with a nylon bore brush with eliminator, followed by 4 more patches with eliminoator. let it sit 5 min, then dry patched until clean. This is just my regular cleaning routine after shooting. Gets the carbon and copper out pretty well. Does not seem overly harsh IMHO.

I also will not scrub a bore if I couldn’t fire a few fouling shots immediately after being cleaned of copper.
Never understood the purpose of fouling shots. Cant stand to leave my guns dirty. After cleaning a lightly oiled patch and its good to go. "a clean gun is a happy gun, and happy guns save lives" by buddies DI.
I don't believe in "range fodder" that is why I reload.
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