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OK,one more time,then I will let it go.
This tip supposedly came from one of the upper crust British Wingshooting schools...Where the made Churchills,Purdeys,Boss,Holland and Holland..And people pay the price of an airplane or Lamborghini for a side by side.

What does the spot on the glasses,or the vaseline do? It somewhat occludes the the eye that is trying to be dominant. Agreed?
Thats he job we want to do.

I absolutely hate having anything on my glasses.It can literally make me feel ill
I stop having fun. None of those solutions are acceptable to me.

Assume right handed for the following.

My right eye is centered over the barrels,looking down the barrels.

My left eye is looking ,along the barrels,just to the left of centered over the barrels.

...if I allow my left thumb to stick up in a relaxed and natural position to the left of the barrels,what happens? It occludes my left eye!!Just like some crap on my glasses!!It works! My problem is solved!! I have clean glasses!!

You may do as you prefer. I,myself,am delighted to be free of crap on my glasses.

Even though you have had crap on your glasses for 20 years,perhaps you,too can be free of crap on your glasses ! You have a thumb!

You might have to risk learning something new.

In any case,I'm happy to share.I'm happy it works for me!! You may do whatever works for you. I'm still happy.

I hope if you are coaching a beginner,you will give them the option of trying this method before you put crap on their glasses.

Left hand index finger,under the barrels,extended generally in the drection of the target.Not as a pointer,not directly at the target.Its not a rigid thing.

Allow the thmb to naturally raise up skyward,so it occludes the left eye.

Mission accomplished! No crap on the glasses!

Don't knock it till you give it a serious chance,and how you have done it for 20 years changes nothing.

There.I'm done
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