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Anything that can eat me gets a 45 Colt with a 280gr RCBS SAA SWC. At 1050fps, it blows through Bears, leaving fist sized holes to 40 yards. If you don't reload, get a 357 Ruger and use Buffalo Bore Hard Cast. I prefer the Blackhawk because of it's ruggedness. Many will say DA for follow-up shots; however, when a lion or bear comes for you, it's at close range and you won't get a second shot. That's why I like the 45 - if you're off center a little, it will still gravely injure them.
223, 243, 6.5GR, 260R, 6.5-06, 280R, 7mmRM, 300HAM'R, 308, 30-06, 338-06, 9mm, 357M, 41M, 44SPL, 44M, 45 Colt, 450BM.
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