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I have been to Alaska. In a department store they had a full life size Grizzly taxidermy mount. It stood 8 feet tall and looked to weighed a half ton.
I have hiked in Alaska with my wildlife biologist brother, and when he got a whiff of severe bear stink-ass, we made a tactical retreat. Even in Northern California, 30-06 or bigger is a necessay hikung item, and those are for black bear.
Sure, you can kill an elephant with 30-06, if you shoot it enough times. But in heavy brush, against an unsuspected goliathian creature, you may only get one shot, or become bear poo poo. Any first aid will be hours away.
Savage makes a short barreled stainless steel guide gun with iron sights in a couple of calibers 338 , 375 Ruger. Take a tip from the boy scouts and Be prepared.
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