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Stagpanther, that photographic evidence is amazing! I'm in Southern Maine... I SAW ONE TOO!!!

The Bigfoot I spotted was heavier... wider & female and curvy, like in the 60's Roger Patterson film. It was several years ago but I still have shivers up and down my spine when I recall the incident.

She was in front of me in the Hannaford Supermarket line and paying for a cart full of junk food with an State issued EBT / foodstamp card. I stood silently as I was afraid. Very afraid. Eventually, after getting everything, including 4 cases of Mountain Dew paid for, she silently ambled off into the parking lot, never to be seen again.

I still wish I had taken her picture, but I was too frozen in fear to lift my cell phone up. Looking back, I could have easily been crushed with a single swipe from her giant paw.

I'm glad I remained motionless. A man's got to know his limitations.
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