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cross dominant

My Dad was cross dominant, the issue never diagnosed until his later years. Resultantly, he did all his shooting off his right/strong arm side, but his left eye was trying to point the gun. He struggled with shotgun shooting, especially on flushing/jumped game. He had a Stevens 311/16ga for a while, and complained bitterly that the SXS was nearly impossible for him to shoot, and seemed as if he was looking down a 2x4. I guess so!. Dad replace it with a Stevens pump.

The affliction (cross dominance) skipped me, but bamaboy has the jinx. I diagnosed it early, and he shoots long guns from his off/left side, with his left master eye running the show...and he does quite well.

He "borrowed" my O/U Lanber back in dove season, .....and still has it!
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