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I thought susquatch was debunked as overweight and older Seattle former single mothers who could not pay rent, and went to live in the bush.
No, they move into tents under the freeway. Next time I drive through I can send you a picture.

To add to the discussion, Washington made it illegal to kill bigfoot in 1984. Just 4 years after Mt St Helens eruption. Several years later some folks that worked on the cleanup came forward to tell the world that they saw the military bring in covered bodies that were piled up and then hauled to a facility elsewhere. The hundreds of dead animals that were known animals like deer, elk and bear were not covered or hauled off.

Years later a scientist that was called in by the military during the cleanup of St Helens admitted that he performed necropsy on multiple bigfoot bodies.

Why would the state make a law for something and claim it was endangered if they didn't know for sure it existed? Oddly, it is only illegal in 4 counties in the state.....can you guess what mountain is in the middle?

I haven't made up my mind yet. But I don't hunt in the counties where it is illegal, so I may become a believer....if I bag one
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