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The factory load unless a proven shooter is there because, there are idiots in every sport just because you shoot a wildcat or rare ammo doesn't mean your aren't going over a max load. So if you end up blowing your gun apart and hurting yourself or the people around you would be on me because I let you.

If your a comp shooter why wouldn't you be a member of an organization that promotes it.

There are other options besides the NRA, I can think of at least 5 not counting the actual shooting organizations.

So if you cant pick up your trash...does that mean your car and house are a mess too?

I could care less about your brass or steel with the costs of that stuff going up and the shortages of it too. If its laying there its yours...take all of whatever you see. On the topic or AP Ammo...why would you want to ruin my plates or backstops?

I have researched just about everything and would probably sell the memberships either online or discounted thru a local shop or shops.

The handloads thing is simple just because you can do it and have done it for years doesn't mean there isn't someone that 1 in 100 person who screws it up and gets hurt and guess who gets blamed for letting them use the range to try it out and its it hurts others, who gets sued for it???

The RO would be offered to local LEO's or certified instructors and in doing so waived of membership for helping.

Behind every backstop will be mounded dirt like several others I have been to.

Lastly, if it doesn't work out, so be it I have a private range for friends and family.

Like anything, nobody is twisting your arm to use the range or buy a membership. Every place has rules...
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