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Since you were a contractor you should be aware of the numerous permits you will need for construction, are you aware of the environmental permits and approvals you will need for a rifle range?

Among others is a "Lead abatement plan" (acceptable to the state EPA) and various noise restrictions, including (as I understand it) permission from all "neighbors" (probably with a mile), and also the range will probably be considered a business, with the various licenses (and taxes) involved in that, as well.

If you are well heeled enough to fund all that, and able to wait the (possibly) years before seeing any kind of return on your investment, at all, go ahead and I wish you luck with your endeavors.

Also be aware of the (currently remote) possibility that in some future your range might be declared a "terrorist training facility" (because people use guns there), and be shut down.

We are not living in the best of times for shooting sports, unfortunately.
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