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I have considered a caliber limit based on distance so your not trying to push your gun further than its actual ammo limits allow.
OK, so you're going to be the ammo sheriff? No thanks. You're basically saying I can't shoot my 7X57 at 1,000 yds because you think it can't make it that far? I can't shoot my 22LR at 200 yds because you think that's not right? No thanks.
I have designed my backstops with bullet catchers and it will be a membership only range.
Hope you're an engineer with a bunch of liability insurance. There's a reason people go to big design firms and buy standard design products.
were out there to enjoy ourselves so NRA Membership is not required since they tend to spam members asking for money constantly...its annoying
Not using the expertise and resources available from just about any organization, you are basically saying you want to do it all yourself and make all the mistakes along the way. The NRA asks for money because of everything they do for shooters. Choosing who you like is your business, but asking to pay more to do it silly.
Memberships will be tiered like most ranges with the only difference would be some 1 months would be discounted during hunting season for hunters to zero in their rifles.
Most ranges have annual or life memberships. If you open it up for hunter sight-in, you would do better to charge a moderate fee for use of the facilities rather than extend member benefits for someone who just wants to shoot 1 day a year. The inexperienced shooters are the ones that really mess up a range.
I will be living on site but the range will run itself.
Huge liability if you don't have trained ROs for peak use times.
I'm looking to open this primarily for long range shooters, their instructors and for comp use. I've found people of that calibre to be professional therefore they can manage their time and pack out what they pack in.
People do things because it's expected of them. No one to tell them to pack it out, some won't and you'll be out there cleaning it up. Seen this one.
In the prone position do you prefer to lay on the ground or would a slightly raised floor position be okay so as to not have rocks and such poking you thru your shooting blanket?
Hard floors are nice, covered areas are nice. And it's called a shooter's mat, not a blanket.
Factory ammo only unless you belong to a comp team with a proven record and then the use of handloads would be permitted.
Well, so much for your competitive shooters. Every competitive shooter I know uses handloads tailored to ther rifle, whether they are members of a team or not.
If you break the rules at any level, your membership will be banned for one year and every range in the state will be notified of the infraction and its up to them if you can use theirs.
Better lawyer up for that one. Defamation suits are ugly.
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