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Eastern WA Rifle Only Range

I'm looking at a large chunk of property in E. WA that is commercial zoned and am putting together a list of items to start a rifle only range that can give shooters an up to 2000 yard target. To minimize trash and waste it would be steel only targets.

The Ravensdale/Black Diamond range has what, a 600 yard max? The other true 1650 yard range is outside Spokane. I'm looking west of Vantage, east of the river is all farm and cattle.

I have designed my backstops with bullet catchers and it will be a membership only range. There will be 8-12 covered slots for 100 yards, 4 slots for each of the following 250,500,750 and 1000 yards. Just 2 for 1500 and 2 for 2000 to start.

I have considered a caliber limit based on distance so your not trying to push your gun further than its actual ammo limits allow. Thus not hogging time on a slot that shooters with the proper rifles can take advantage of. Factory ammo only unless you belong to a comp team with a proven record and then the use of handloads would be permitted. Entrance to each area will need a key code to open the gate.

Memberships will be tiered like most ranges with the only difference would be some 1 months would be discounted during hunting season for hunters to zero in their rifles.

Pistol Range, there will be one but its going to be a mixed use of private and for instructor use, possible 2-3 gun comps etc.

I will be living on site but the range will run itself. I'm looking to open this primarily for long range shooters, their instructors and for comp use. I've found people of that calibre to be professional therefore they can manage their time and pack out what they pack in.

To the Long Range Shooter...I was planning to have semi open range units that allow either a prone position and sitting at a bench per slot with two people max, you and your spotter. In the prone position do you prefer to lay on the ground or would a slightly raised floor position be okay so as to not have rocks and such poking you thru your shooting blanket?
Make suggestions please.

If you break the rules at any level, your membership will be banned for one year and every range in the state will be notified of the infraction and its up to them if you can use theirs.

That aside I mostly will not have an RO nor will I have meetings once a month. I would probably have a meet and greet every six months and were out there to enjoy ourselves so NRA Membership is not required since they tend to spam members asking for money constantly...its annoying.

I was a Contractor so security will be tight and their will be cams with night vision.

Lastly, if you have suppressors use them. Depending on who my neighbors are and what they do there may be days were closed to use because of them. At which point the main gate will be locked and have a barrier across it.
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