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Originally Posted by Carl the Floor Walker View Post
I am sure there are people like that. For sure there are people who want to believe in a higher Being even though no proof exist. Why, a number of reasons. Fear of death, coping with life, desire for miracles etc. Some folks believe in buried treasures and seek to find them as a example. Some people believe in ghost and other super naturals, some believe in luck.
That got philosophical (and a jot confrontational) out of nowhere...

The belief in anything, however grounded in evidence or not, is why most of us do what we do. From the belief in a higher power sending me to church, to the belief in tasty venison sending me into the woods, the decision, based on experiential or non-experiential belief, usually supersedes the requisite of proof.

Invoke the requisite of proof, and life slows down the speed of the scientific process. Not my cup of tea

"This is God's universe, and he has a plan. You might think that you have a better plan, but you don't have a universe." - Dr. J.V. McGee
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