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Originally Posted by buck460XVR View Post
I think Bigfoot is something folks want to believe in. Like the Loch Ness Monster, Yeti and Champ. All have been around almost as long as written history. IMHO, for there to be Bigfoots around that long there needs to be a a breeding population. Having a breeding population around means dead Bigfoots and remains. While once there were areas in our country where people didn't spend much time, between the new age avid outdoors folks we have and trail cameras.....I see little evidence of them being around. Yet, like Roswell, I want to believe.
I am sure there are people like that. For sure there are people who want to believe in a higher Being even though no proof exist. Why, a number of reasons. Fear of death, coping with life, desire for miracles etc. Some folks believe in buried treasures and seek to find them as a example. Some people believe in ghost and other super naturals, some believe in luck.

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