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I buy and sell there regularly, at least several transactions a month, and have been since they first came on line
I'm good friends with several folks who also buy and sell there regularly

I've had a couple of issues with shill bidders
They are selling similar and want to try and bid up the price to drive their own higher
So you have to watch for those with no prior history
If you see something hinky don't be afraid to block them

The only other issue was with a clown who didn't know what he was buying
I was flipping several 92G-SD's which are decocker only
He bought one and freaked out because the "safety was broken"
When I explained that it has no safety he got rather butthurt
So he started claiming that it was "used... beat up... worn..."
Even though it was new in box along with the rest I had
To shut him down I offered to exchange it for one of the remaining ones I had
Never heard from him again

When selling...
Describe what you have accurately and honestly
Take lots of good photos of everything inside and out

When buying...
Beware of sellers who only provide a couple of poor photos
Ask lots of questions and if they don't answer or provide more photos... walk away
Caveat emptor

I NEVER buy or sell outside the CONUS
Be aware of "ban state" issues
Also remember to factor in shipping and transfer costs
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