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I have bought about 40 firearms off Gunbroker, and probably 20-30 more from other auction sites.
The only issues that I had on GB for firearms were resolved by the seller very quickly.
For firearm parts, however, I had *tremendous* issues dealing with a cross-border dispute (US vs Canada) when I was sent the wrong items, but a certain Western Canukistani gun parts company refused to admit their mistake (fraud!) and make things right. I had to settle for getting screwed, but being able to resell the parts as what they *actually* were. (Which said company knew all along.)

I won't buy firearms over the internet unless it is an FFL on the other end.
Doesn't matter if it is Gunbroker, Armslist, etc. (Though Armslist just shot themselves in the face ... but that's another conversation.)

Never had a problem when I made sure it was an FFL on the other end.
Didn't get screwed, but did have some issues with private parties that refused to use an FFL or include a copy of their drivers license.

Had a friend that lost a huge amount of money on Armslist, when dealing with a private party. I warned him. He couldn't refuse the deal.
Bye bye mortgage, car payment, and more.

If you cannot verify, then don't do the deal.

If you want a fear factor list, don't be afraid of Gunbroker. Be afraid of proxibid, hibid, and auctionzip.
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.

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