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I've been using it at least since 2005 as well, never once has Gunbroker asked me for money except when I've sold something on the site.

Reputation, IMO they are just a middle man providing a service. I tend to look at seller feed back and treat it a lot like buying and selling on eBay just more restrictive items.

Privacy, I don't think they've ever sold my information. I do get emails from them every time I visit the site.

Past dealings have all been good, I've never had to have them step in and settle a dispute. All the sellers/buyers I've had transactions with have been very good to me.

I haven't heard or read anything negative about Gunbroker. The did try a PayPal type of system that failed miserably, I didn't personally ever use it. I do know the website is an enabler of my firearm addiction, and I'm not ashamed to be that type of addict.
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