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At one time I was registered with them but never bought or sold a gun on there. It was like logging on here. After about a year they wanted a credit card number so that they could charge me a few bucks a month to just go on and look. I asked them why I had to pay a monthly fee to just look on there. Their response was that I had listed a gun for sale on there and that required me to pay a monthly fee. I NEVER LISTED ANYTHING ON THERE OR BOUGHT ANYTHING OFF OF THEIR SITE. They insisted I did but couldn’t provide any evidence of that. That’s because it never happened. I refused to give them access to my credit card or pay a fee that wasn’t lawful. They warned me I’d be banned from logging in or ever using the site again if I didn’t pay up. No problem, I quit and never went back. I saw some reports from others complaining about the same thing on other web sites. I don’t trust them. That’s just my experience, others seem to have done better with them. Maybe that didn’t work out too well for them?
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